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I’m proud of the fact that I was awarded a grant by the Nevada Arts Council to write this book. Children have found that it empowers them, and that they understand how to banish bedtime monsters at will. – Alan H. Jordan, Author

The Monster on Top of the Bed is a great book that children, parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians and reviewers love! It is the only children’s book that I know of that was specifically written to empower children to discover how to banish monsters, that friendship conquers fear and that the key to making friends is The Golden Rule. 


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Kids’ late-night frights is nothing new and an imagined monster under the bed can be scary. But what would happen if the roles were reversed and the monster wasn’t under the bed but on top of it?

Karrit a cute, fuzzy, red monster isn’t hiding under the bed to scare Suzy, he’s hiding because Suzy scares him. With all her jumping and stomping, plus her eating habits of pan-cakes, Toma-Toes and hot-dogs, Karrit is sure Suzy’s a monster. Here is a video that was prepared by Sandie Lee of the blog Imagination Cafe.

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Sometimes things aren’t always what they seem and when the monster fears the child, we come to see a different perspective on misunderstandings and ignorance. As well, we learn that not everything we say is what it actually means, when Karrit explains to Suzy that certain things she says and does, frightens him.

Together the two work out their differences and a friendship forms and a new light is shed upon them both when they realize that maybe they aren’t so different from each other after all.

My children just loved this book, they read it over and over and my youngest son is going to be doing a book review on it as well as, a storytelling in front of his grade 1 class. The book is filled with many fun sight words that my children enjoyed and they really liked the overall message of the story.

The Monster On Top of the Bed” is such a fantastic story and so well written that my daughter literally went to bed on her own the first night I read it to her! Seriously! Score!

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Last week a new book arrived in the mail… The Monster on Top of the Bed by Alan Jordan.

Since then we have read it so many times that I have lost count. It is now one of those books that you somewhat memorize and can recite without actually reading the pages!

All 3 of my kids, aged 18 months, 5 yrs, and 7 yrs, have brought the book out to read either independently or for me to read to them, without suggestion or prompting! …The book was good and that is not an understatement. There is nothing like a good book, but it was the sillyness of the monster’s interpretation of Suzy and the illustration that really makes the book a winner!

The graphics are great! Bold colors reminiscent of Pixar’s Monsters Inc. I also have to give the author props for adding free downloaded recorded readings of the book with multi-lingual capacity that can even go on your iPod! … Overall I have to say that the book was a huge success… especially since all the recent purchases at the school book fair have been totally ignored since this book came in the mail!

A fear of monsters under the bed is common with children of all ages, starting with a vague sense of the unknown with younger toddlers and graduating to perhaps a more solid image in the minds of older children.

The Monster on Top of the Bed flips the idea around, like the famous Disney Movie Monsters Inc., and bases the story on the concept that it’s the monsters that are actually afraid of the children.

Karrit, the actual monster under the bed, is very scared of the monster on top of the bed, who happens to be Suzy, the little girl who of course, sleeps on top of the bed. Karrit has heard that Suzy eats “hot dogs” and strange things like “cakes made out of pans”, and horrors of all horrors……Karrit has heard that she eats carrots!

Suzy and Karrit meet, and start to learn about why each of them is scared of the other. Suzy has a wonderful saying that perhaps children can use themselves when they are frightened;

“You’re welcome to stay, until I say ‘nay,’ then it’s time to go, and you can’t say no.”

The CD that accompanies it is wonderfully narrated, as well as having extra material on it for little listening ears to enjoy. Having a CD to listen to makes this a perfect choice for road trips, and the story is entertaining enough that the children don’t have to even be holding the book. The story is also told in two versions of English, as well as two versions of Spanish and Italian.

The obvious lesson this product teaches is not to be scared of the dark when it’s time for bed. However, there are so many messages this personal size book and read-along CD teach subtly, the list is long, I won’t list them all, but they are listed on a blog entry: [...]. The one lesson I’m particularly fond of is the idea that it teaches children not to be afraid of people or things, just because they’re different. The Monster on Top of the Bed shows different can be good, and fun, all demonstrated in a manner that’s pleasant, interesting, and creative. While designed for ages two through seven, many parents have discovered that older children like to share it with their younger siblings. The older children teach the young ones to read the words themselves, building their self esteem and their relationship with their younger siblings. … Discussion questions are included with the product, as is a web address where the children can see the book being read to them. I review children’s books often, this is the first I’ve seen of its kind. There’s been a great deal of thought invested in how it can be used to teach a large number of things. Even the website is well thought out to maximize the learning, while still being fun. Some teachers are using it in their classrooms as a teaching aid that captures and holds the children’s attention. It comes as no surprise to me to learn that the team that put the finished product together is multi-cultural from many places around the globe, and the team was awarded a grant from the Nevada Arts Council to complete the work. I had only one complaint about this product, and that will soon be addressed when the team comes out with the larger-size full-color book. If you have young children or grandchildren, get the current version of Monster on Top of the Bed you won’t be sorry. When the full size book is released, get that too, it’ll definitely be a keeper that your children will love for many years, maybe they’ll eventually hand it down to their children or grandchildren, only time will tell about that. – David Broughton (Alabama, USA)

Tree Root and Twig Review. . . The Monster on Top of the Bed is a sweet story about a young girl who has traded places – in a sense – with the monster underneath her bed. It turns out that she has been frightening him, and once the two finally communicate with and listen to each other, the misunderstanding is resolved. It’s a lovely story about overcoming fears and misconceptions to become friends . . . The book was sent to me as part of a CD set – in fact, the “book” itself is actually a full-color book inserted into the CD case. I thought this was very clever, as the packaging comes completely self-contained, and the size of the book is perfect for little hands. The illustrations are wonderful, and I particularly love the adorable gap between Suzy’s teeth. – Tree Root & Twig blog.

Mom  is Teaching review of the Monster on Top of the Bed

. . So, instead of asking every 5 minutes if it was time to go, I set them up with a copy of the book and the CD. I let the CD do the reading and Walker held the book so that he and Jace could both see. We didn’t hear from them again until it was time to get ready to go to the game. . . . Believe it or not, Walker has listened to the CD with the book several times and I’ve heard him trying really hard to read the book to his brother without the CD already. Can’t get much better than that!

Most kids books I’ve reviewed, I can honestly say I’m less than thrilled with. Being a mother to 3, now grown, children I know what kids love. Reading was and is an integral part of parenting in my world. As I look forward to being a “grandma” some day I can’t wait to pull out all those books we loved to read as a family and read to my grandchild but I also can’t wait to share some of what will become our favorites either and I’m quite certain The Monster On Top of The Bed will become one of them! . . .

It is simply a wonderful story about a little girl, Suzy, (the monster) who scares Karrit (the one who’s afraid of the “monster” on top of the bed), and how funny it can be when you don’t realize that things aren’t nearly as frightening in real life as you might “think” they are! The wonderful use of “play on words”, such as the poor monster Karrit being afraid Suzy’s going to eat HIM because he heard her say she loves to eat “Carrots” is just adorable and funny. It takes a subject that can be frightening to a little one and makes it comical and fun. In the end you’ll be chuckling along with your little one about the silliness of Karrit and Suzy and I’m going to guess you’re going to be asked over and over to read this story!

The artwork is quite good also. Unlike many books that toss a few pictures together without much thought, even the discussion section at the end of the book makes you realize there was a lot of time and effort put into each and every picture. For example one of the questions they ask is “Why does Karrit’s nose change color?” and after you read the story you realize that wasn’t a big deal in the book but the picture clearly shows Karrits nose in different colors! This question make you and your little one ponder “why” and come up with some of your own ideas! You’ll go back and read it again and again to try to come up with some answers to the questions they ponder at the end for you to discuss! It’s wonderful. You’ll talk about friendships, worrying about things that maybe you shouldn’t worry about, and so much more!

I highly recommend this wonderful and delightful story to you. If you have a little one to share it with… it’s going to be well worth it to make a regular story you share!

The Monster on Top of the Bedis a fun book to help your child overcome their fear of monsters under their bed. It is such a fun book and can be read really at any time. I do think it is a great way for kids to think about monsters in their room. We tend to normally teach our children that a specific animal is probably just as scared of them as they are of the animal…well same goes for monsters!

The story has great illustrations and is a fun one to read with many funny and dramatic sound effects(to read out loud). This book is nice also as it also comes in mp3 versions and ebooks, CDs with mini booklets, as well as the soft cover print.

Click here for details on how to purchase.

Click here for details on how to purchase.